Vi är redan här - We are already here - Vi er allerede her, 11 juni kl. 14.00 - 14.45

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Vi är redan här - We are already here - Vi er allerede her


Inkludering, integration, kultur

Beskrivning av seminariet

Screening of the film “We are already here” and discussions.

The internal discussion about ethnic diversity and multiculturalism continues on the Nordic art field among decision makers in the institutions, but are they recognising the artist's expertise in the field they lack knowledge off? Are they reaching out for a dialogue to take place?

In this discussion group, we will watch and listen to the artists featured in the film “We are already here” made by Arts Council Norway on how artists with a multicultural background experience being in the Norwegian art field. We will also build a respectful dialogue based on reflections on the film.

Företag / Organisation

Kulturbyrån/Arts Council Norway


Annika Dahlblom



Nayab Ikram


Keme Pellicer

Publicerad 22.5.2019
Uppdaterad 22.5.2019